Treat Recurring Varicose Veins after Surgery

Treat Recurring Varicose Veins after Surgery

Can varicose veins come back after surgery? Discover how to treat recurring varicose veins after surgery with the Varicose Vein Clinic located on the Gold Coast and in Greenslopes.

Did you know that vein surgery has a recurrence rate of around 40-60 percent? At the Varicose Vein Clinic in Robina and Brisbane we have found that vein surgery (also known as ligation or vein stripping) won’t always stop the occurrence of varicose veins permanently. Around half of the patients who undergo vein removal surgery will see more varicose veins later on in life. It is because of this that a large portion of the varicose vein patients that we treat have come to us after vein removal surgery.

Why do varicose veins come back after surgery?

Compare the vein stripping surgical technique to the likeness of pruning a tree. Removing the main vein and several of the connected veins helps the appearance of the area in the short term after healing. But evidence has shown that patients have noticed a recurrence of varicose veins in that same treatment area. These new veins tend to come back in numbers and are often difficult to conduct further surgery on due to their odd shapes and sizes.

So what can I do about my new varicose veins if surgery isn’t an option?

Over time, science and technology has surfaced less invasive techniques for clearing away varicose veins. Where surgery requires general anaesthetic, hospital admission and often prolonged painful recovery periods, this new less invasive option can be carried out in less than 1 and a half hours plus compressions stockings.

Get rid of varicose veins without surgery

At the Varicose Vein Clinic you can treat your recurring varicose veins with ultrasound guided sclerotherapy (UGS).

Non-surgical treatment for varicose veins with ultrasound guided sclerotherapy (UGS)

Ultrasound guided sclerotherapy uses ultrasound to single out the varicose veins. The ultrasound technology will guide our technician to ensure your treatment is administered with precision and care.

Once the varicose veins have been distinguished, a sclerosing solution is injected into the veins. The sclerosing solution is effective because it causes the walls of the veins to stick together and seal. Once this has occurred the vein will become just a string of scar tissue and harmlessly dissolve into the body. This treatment is administered through injection so no surgery or general anaesthetic is necessary however pain relief options are available.

Varicose veins Brisbane & the Gold Coast

I you have found that varicose veins are still affecting you after surgery, contact our team at the Varicose Vein Clinic today. We have clinics on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane with locations in Robina and Greenslopes.

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Treat Recurring Varicose Veins after Surgery

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