Let your legs blossom this Spring!

Let your legs blossom this Spring!

Get the perfect look for summer by treating your varicose veins in spring while it’s still cool, appointments are filling up fast so book in quick!

The Varicose Vein Clinic in Brisbane is the frontrunner when it comes to the expert removal of varicose veins. Dr Davis is extremely experienced in the removal of varicose veins utilising a variety of treatment procedures to eradicate the effects of varicose veins from the body. Many of our patients find late September and October the most opportune time for treatment because it is not too hot and not too cold. We can assure you that it is infinitely better to receive varicose vein treatment during spring because it allows you to conceal the treatment completely. You will also be much more comfortable due to reduced sweating during the much cooler months of spring as compression stockings can irritate in hot weather.

Book your appointment to look great during summer!

One of the best things about varicose vein treatment is that you get to conceal your treatment with leggings, jeans, pants and maxi skirts! This means that you can receive treatment without anyone knowing that you’ve had anything done. The benefits do not stop there however, as by receiving vein treatment you will be avoiding weakened circulation.

Avoiding heat is plays a large role in preventing or worsening varicose veins

Being in close proximity to heat can cause your veins to be put under pressure beneath the skin. If your circulation is already weakened by varicose veins, or if your circulatory system is disposed to vein complications then you should make a significant effort to reduce the amount of heat your skin comes in contact with such as heat from heaters in winter and spring and even hot wax which can have the same effect.

Get your legs ready for the great reveal!

If like most people you love to frolic on the beach during December and February then it’s imperative that you treat your varicose veins in Spring before you have to shed the leggings and stockings. One of the greatest things about summer is being able to soak up the sun rays and get a tan. If you continue to procrastinate and put off your varicose vein procedure you may find yourself cooped up in compression stockings during summer which can be uncomfortable.

Why should I get my varicose veins treated?

Varicose veins can lead to much more harmful conditions than unsightly bulges on the legs. There are deeper issues that can stem from the inflammation of varicose veins such as deep vein thrombosis, spider veins, bad circulation and venous leg ulcers which can be painful and extremely difficult to heal. Another even scarier effect of untreated varicose veins is how vulnerable the skin protecting the vein becomes. This can result in the vein rupturing due to pressure from an exterior force which can result in significant blood loss, although it will be virtually pain free.

If you are interested in having your varicose veins removed at the Varicose Vein Clinic in Brisbane please do not hesitate to contact us.